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The Blues Brothers: Private

The Blues Brothers: Private

by Judith Jacklin & Tino Insana (Perigee Books, 1980)

Back cover: “The Blues Brothers: Private” by Judith Jacklin & Tino Insana

A movie tie-in out of left field, revealing Jake and Elwood’s backstory by way of found (often hand-scrawled) documents and archival photos—the latter used sparingly but adding value to a publication that seemingly anticipated the film’s cult status. For devotees only.

The Blues Brothers 2000

The Blues Brothers 2000

dir. John Landis (1998)

Landis_Blues Brothers 2000

Openly based on and playing homage to its predecessor (though consequently making little sense as a standalone film), this Blues Brothers reprise justifies itself through time-appropriate character progression, in-joke nostalgia, a new car pile-up record and an all-star rhythm and blues soundtrack.


The Blues Brothers

The Blues Brothers

dir. John Landis (1980)

Landis_Blues Brothers

Instantly recognisable and eminently quotable; musically unimpeachable and with widespread cult appeal; spectacularly over-the-top yet brilliantly underplayed: band-on-the-run redemption comedy (and Chicago time capsule) The Blues Brothers must go down as one of the greatest movies — certainly the greatest musical — ever made.


42 Word Review: The Soul Men Blues Brothers Tribute

The Soul Men Blues Brothers Tribute

Performance at the Grandview Hotel, Cleveland, 15 November 2015

Soul Men

Strong vocals (both male and female); excellent musicianship; joyful, energetic, iconic: the Soul Men Blues Brothers Tribute brings real justice to our favourite musical recidivists, unlocking the briefcase full of [mostly rhythm and] blues and delving deep into Jake and Elwood’s repertoire.