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Doctor Who: Last Man Running

Doctor Who: Last Man Running by Chris Boucher (BBC, 1998) While Boucher’s characterisation of Leela is superb, the non-regulars need actors to give them substance and the Doctor is diminished through having his inner thoughts revealed. The world-building outstrips the story’s needs, leaving the underlying idea more conceptually effective than narratively satisfying.

Star Cops

Star Cops by Chris Boucher (Head Music, 2013) A blanket title under which Boucher reworks his scripts from the ill-fated Star Cops TV programme. The resulting novella and four sequentially developing novelettes feature snappy dialogue and intelligent, environment-specific crime scenarios playing out against a backdrop of uncommonly realistic inner-solar-system SF.    

Doctor Who: Match of the Day

Doctor Who: Match of the Day by Chris Boucher (BBC Books, 2005) Anyone considering this novel should take note that its strength lies entirely in the journey, not the destination. Boucher, who created the companion Leela, develops her (and the Doctor) with charming authenticity, but the scenario nosedives into a rushed, barely coherent ending.    

Doctor Who: Corpse Marker

Doctor Who: Corpse Marker by Chris Boucher (BBC, 1999); audiobook read by David Collings (BBC, 2015) Back in the late 1970s Chris Boucher established the character of Leela, wrote the classic Doctor Who story The Robots of Death, and script-edited Blake’s 7. Little surprise, then, that his robots sequel Corpse Marker showcases the better qualities of all three.