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42 Word Review: Quirke


by Andrew Davies & Conor McPherson (BBC/RTÉ, 2014)


Marketed as crime noir, Quirke makes clever use of colour and greyscale in characterising 1950s Dublin. The drama in this nuanced miniseries is people- rather than plot-driven, Gabriel Byrne leading a fine cast through three feature-length explorations of drink, death and dishonesty.


42 Word Retrospective: Valley of Lights by Stephen Gallagher

Valley of Lights

by Stephen Gallagher (New English Library, 1987)

Gallagher_Valley of Lights

Valley of Lights is a compellingly dark supernatural crime novel (often marketed as horror). Gallagher’s first person narrative draws us into a lone sergeant’s pursuit of the archetypical serial killer: a creature who can jump between human bodies, wearing them like suits.