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Doctor Who: Dimensions in Time

Doctor Who: Dimensions in Time

by John Nathan-Turner and David Roden (BBC, 1993)

Doctor Who_Dimensions in Time

A 14-minute charity special mashup with EastEnders seems a rather sad way for Doctor Who to have celebrated its 30th anniversary. The interchanging multi-Doctor, multi-companion plot is impossibly silly, but amidst all the rattling snippets some of the acting is surprisingly good.



Doctor Who: The Sandman

Doctor Who: The Sandman

by Simon A. Forward (Big Finish, 2002)

Forward_The Sandman

A nice SF concept, which affords plenty of scope for the Sixth Doctor’s almost bipolar swings between compassion and firewalled ‘otherness’. Colin Baker once again shows that he could have been great if given something to work with by JNT and company.


42 Word Review: JN-T by Richard Marson

JN-T: The Life & Scandalous Times of John Nathan-Turner

by Richard Marson (Miwk, 2013)


Alternatively, “Over-promoted and over-promoting: John Nathan-Turner and the wretchedly flamboyant demise of Doctor Who.” Apologist Richard Marson argues the self-fulfilling tragedy of JNT’s being shackled to a programme he lacked the wherewithal to produce. An assiduously researched, disheartening exposé of 1980s Who.