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Firefly by Joss Whedon (2002) A SF programme with so much potential, cut down midway through its first season. Joss Whedon was hot property at the time, but even his track record couldn’t convince Fox to put faith in this perfectly cast and cleverly scripted space western.    

Serenity: Those Left Behind

Serenity: Those Left Behind by Joss Whedon & Brett Matthews; art by Will Conrad (Dark Horse, 2006) After its senseless and premature demise, cult classic TV series Firefly saw life again as the feature film Serenity, and as a series of graphic novels. This slim volume has a storyline and visuals wistfully reminiscent of the dearly departed dystopian free-for-all.  …

Dollhouse, Series 2

Dollhouse, Series 2 created by Joss Whedon (2009-2010) Dollhouse series two carries itself like a show that’s seen cancellation in its future, hastening with dour determination towards a dystopia now seemingly inevitable (although thankfully Enver Gjokaj has his show-stealing acting moments). Much of the original appeal falls by the wayside.  

Dollhouse, Season 1

Dollhouse, Season 1 created by Joss Whedon (Fox, 2009) Though tiptoeing around the morality of its premise — people sign up for five-year stints as ‘dolls’, imprinted with skills and personalities to suit their clients’ needs — Dollhouse showcased the acting range of Eliza Dushku and company while allowing for boundless plot versatility.