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Sarah Jane Adventures: Wraith World

The Sarah Jane Adventures: Wraith World

by Cavan Scott & Mark Wright; audiobook read by Elisabeth Sladen (AudioGO, 2010)

Scott_Wright_Wraith World

Elisabeth Sladen does her best, and the premise of ‘fiction writing reality’ is one young adults will enjoy, but it’s difficult to take seriously a worm-horde-wielding villain who considerately puts his attacks on hold whenever the protagonists want to talk things through.



Doctor Who: The Nu-Humans

Doctor Who: The Nu-Humans

by Cavan Scott & Mark Wright (BBC, 2012); audiobook read by Raquel Cassidy


Another book that captures the whimsical bow-tie flitting of the Eleventh Doctor but none of the underlying substance. Raquel Cassidy is perhaps an odd choice given the prominence of a heavy-voiced male nu-human. [Why the affectation? They’re not ‘nu’, dammit; they’re ‘new’.]