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Monkey, Series 1

Monkey, Series 1 (BBC, 1979) With its beguiling opening and closing themes (by Japanese band Godiego) and mystic-synth incidental music (by keyboardist Mickie Yoshino), iconic costumes and fight scenes, moody landscapes, outrageously dubbed plot-lines and lashings of cod Buddhist philosophy, Monkey truly is a one-of-a-kind cult classic.

42 Word Retrospective: Monkey Goes West dir. Ho Meng-Hua

Monkey Goes West dir. Ho Meng-Hua (Shaw Brothers, 1966) [released with three sequels under the umbrella title: Monkey – Journey to the West, Siren DVD, 2008] Based on Wu Cheng’en’s Buddhist quest novel Journey to the West, this meandering film-cum-musical seems almost entirely without point or consequence… except to establish prototypes of nearly all those iconic visual elements featured subsequently…