Tag: Natalie Naudus

Empress of Forever

Empress of Forever by Max Gladstone (Tor, 2019) audiobook read by Natalie Naudus (Dreamscape Media, 2019) Full marks to Gladstone for choosing long and self-contained over duology or trilogy. The story, however, is rather sprawling (even a batshit-crazy space opera should look beyond the moment and build towards emotional impact). Naudus’s audiobook reading adds significantly to the characterisation.

The Bone Shard Daughter

The Bone Shard Daughter by Andrea Stewart (Orbit, 2020); audiobook read by Natalie Naudus, Feodor Chin & Emily Woo Zeller (Hachette, 2020) Stewart’s world-building has a certain intrigue (the shifting archipelago setting is a pleasing point of difference), yet the concept of bone-shard magic, which one might expect to drive the plot, proves mostly a curiosity shunted aside in favour…