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Psycho-Pass: The Movie

Psycho-Pass: The Movie dir. Katsuyuki Motohiro & Naoyoshi Shiotani (2015) Feature-length anime carrying the same dark vibes—and graphic violence—as the preceding series. The only new element is that the Sibyl System is taken outside of Japan, thus adding perspective to the dystopian exploration of subjugation as an alternative to self-destruction.    

Psycho-Pass, Season 1

Psycho-Pass, Season 1 (Fuji TV, 2012-2013) Japanese anime that postulates the cyberpunk-esque tracking down and stamping out of latent criminals by state-sanctioned deviants and their police handlers. Dark, stylised, and graphically violent, Psycho-Pass spurns all hint of cutesy to deliver on its premise. A disturbingly plausible near-future dystopia.