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Spindle’s End

Spindle’s End by Robin McKinley (Putnam, 2000); audiobook read by Stephanie Daniel (Bolinda, 2010) Though Spindle’s End is marketed as a retelling of Sleeping Beauty, what binds the two works is not so much the plot—which bears precious few points in common—but the broader essence of fairy tale, which McKinley maintains throughout her narrative.    

Cocaine Blues

Cocaine Blues by Kerry Greenwood (McPhee Gribble, 1989); audiobook read by Stephanie Daniel (Bolinda, 2010) Greenwood evinces as no-nonsense an approach to plotting as does the irrepressible Phryne Fisher to solving mysteries and bucking societal norms. The result is a fast-moving romp through 1920s Melbourne, more worldly than Wodehouse but with a similarly delightful turn of phrase.