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An Orc on the Wild Side

An Orc on the Wild Side by Tom Holt (Orbit, 2019); audiobook read by Ray Sawyer (Isis, 2019) The satirical fantasy setting and plethora of characters (none them especially purposeful) constitute an ambitious attempt at osmotic, jigsaw-puzzle storytelling. The execution no doubt comes off better in written form, where Holt’s non-stop, at times throwaway drollery isn’t subjected to read-aloud precision.…


Barking by Tom Holt; audiobook read by Ray Sawyer (ISIS, 2007) Do werewolves and vampires truly exist? Of course they do, says Tom Holt; they’re working as lawyers. Even though Sawyer’s delivery is spot-on, the audiobook drags a little, undone by an inability to keep pace with Holt’s fast, funny and simile-strewn prose.    


Olympiad by Tom Holt (Little, Brown, 2000) Nobody reading Tom Holt’s historical novels could doubt that he is K J Parker. A scholar of Ancient Greek history, Holt peppered his Olympic Games origin story with gritty realism and a profoundly resigned appreciation of the nemesis inherent in human nature.    

Downfall of the Gods

Downfall of the Gods by K J Parker (Subterranean, 2016) Parker knows a cynical thing or two about human nature, and in this droll fantasy novella exposes the gods as being equally prone to self-destruction. Told from a divine perspective, her quest narrative follows its own succulent logic through several unexpected turns.